Directorate Of Municipalities, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Director of Municipalities was established at Dt. 01/06/1965 in Ahmedabad. On Sep, 1990 under Gujarat Municipality Act 1963 office of Regional Director was established in Rajkot.

Administrative, Supervision and Controlling Authority:-
  • Establishment expenditure.
  • Approval of rules under section 271 and section 275
  • Supervision of Municipalities activities
  • Vigilance and inquiry for Municipalities misconduct and misbehavior
  • Monitoring of special drives declared by the state government.
Classification of Municipalities :-

Municipalities of Gujarat state are classified into 4 categories on the basis of population. As per the Census 2001, total 159 Municipalities are there in Gujarat state at present.

Classification Population Total Muncipalities
A-Class More than 1 Lac 22
B-Class 50,000 to 1,00,000 34
C-Class 25,000 to 50,000 62
D-Class 15,000 to 25,000 44
  Total 162
Quasi Judicial Work:-
  • Section 37 : Authority to Remove Councilor, President & Vice-president if he has been guilty of misconduct in the discharge of duties or of any disgraceful conduct or has become incapable of performing his duties.
  • Section 70 : Authority to recover the economical loss personally from Councilor, President & Vice-president if he has been guilty of misuse of finance.
  • Section 258 (3) : Appellant Authority against Order of Collector
  • Section 38 (4) : Appellant Authority against Order of Collector.
  • Section 40 : Authority to remove President & Vice-president
Shri. Mukesh Puri, IAS

Shri Mukesh Puri (I.A.S)
Principal Secretary,
Urban Development & Urban Housing Department

Smt. Praveena D. K.

Praveena D. K.
Director of Municipalities, Gujarat